Saturday, 24 November 2012

Richard Warman's Covert Alias: Mary Dufford

Richard Warman's Covert Alias:
Mary Dufford
Used for:
Infiltration E-Mail address Warman used to engage Eldon Warman and his DeTax movement.  
Was also used by Richard Warman to infiltrate the Zundelsite ZGrams internet mailing list.

Transcripts of Warman admitting to pretending to be a woman named: Mary Dufford:
It's an account that I previously used to correspond with Mr. [Eldon] Warman. Whenever there were questions about issues surrounding the case, or if there was something that I wished to know more about his theories, then I would simply send him e-mails using this pseudonym account, posing as a supporter of his.
I apologize for the wording of the initiating e-mail, but I have found in the past that you tend to get a better response or a more rapid response if you pose as a supporter who accepts the theories, or at least is interested in knowing more

Testimony of Richard Warman (See Full transcript in Eldon Warman's case)

On Richard Warman perhaps wanting to contact Eldon Warman pretending to be Mary Dufford the judge said:
"But I would not encourage a party to send e-mail under an assumed name. I really think that would be inappropriate. I am not completely comfortable with that."
Senior Tribunal Member - Dr. Paul Groarke

Infiltration of Zundelsite ZGrams mailing list.
Submitted document of printout of ZGrams mailing list in Warman v. Lemire case.
HR2 - Tab 26 (a)
The document is a Yahoo Mail printout showing the name of the account:


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